Vocals, Sax and Guitar
Emma Rosen.
Emma has been singing with screaming cherry since 2007.

Her first audition was ropey but in her words
'something just clicked' and the band let her come
back the next week, and the next, and the next.........
She left for a few years to have two children and
is now overjoyed to be back in the band.

 "I used to prefer being a solo artist - I liked the flexibility
of practicing when I wanted and doing what I wanted.
But there's something about knowing that there's these
other guys that have your back and support you, both
musically and in real life. Besides, they're a talented bunch'

 Emma is the band's vocalist, but was a guitar player long
before she was a singer. She favours folk and classical guitar
and plays a blue Tanglewood electro-accoustic (Bluey) and
a Gretsch White Falcon (Brian). She dabbles in the saxophone
and anything else really that's about.

  In her real life Emma is a mother, teacher and wannabe writer.
She likes to sing to her students when given any excuse and makes
up songs about biology. In her musical past life she was a busker,
open mic frequenter, singer/songwriter and even a member of a
girl group (not a famous one).


Likes : The sea, writing, SCUBA diving, karate, science,
Eddi Reader, yellow.

Dislikes :Tea.