Born in 1963, simon has played drums since eight years old. He has played in many local bands, worked as a session player and by day has been a carpenter, joiner and builder for most of his working life. In 2011, Simon began teaching vocational construction subjects at Canterbury College and is curently workingthrough teaching qualifications.
 Simon suffers from cramp and is often seen noshing a banana during sets, and drinks soda and lime while playing (you can always buy one if you want...he won't object). He also suffers from very bad jokes.
 He has a full sound across a range of musical styles and can have a suprisingly light touch, as well as being incredibly full. He considers Gilsen Lavis the be the best drummer in the world after the late Ronni Verral.

 Drum kit (12 piece) is a hybrid of pearl export, Yamaha and Mapex with a little premier thrown in. Gibralar hardware, premier stands and bass pedal. Zildjian, Paiste and Meinl Cymbals. Simon sits very high and uses a timpani seat. Kit is pre wired and miked for recording.
 Also in use is a premier Cabria kit (5 piece) for some venues and festivals where fast changes are required.
Simon is happily married to Hazel, has two step children and an idiot dog called Charlie